Sophie Thimonnier (aka Mlle Sophie) is a business owner, creative director, knitting coach and author with one mission at heart: spreading the joy of knitting. Born and raised in France, she learned to knit with her devoted, loving grandmother.  


In 2009, she founded Breaking the Wool, a knitting start-up specialized in hand-knitted accessories. Among other iconic models, Sophie is most famous for creating the “trendy châle”, a pattern that inspired thousands of knitters around the world. A relentless advocate for mindful knitting™, she has shared her passion all around the world to diverse audiences, from under-resourced kids in San Francisco to French luxury executives or Japanese hipsters. 


Inspired by her New Yorker friends seeking relief from the stress of working in fast-paced, over-stimulating environments, she has developed Heartknit, an original experience blending mindfulness and knitting techniques. Designed for busy professionals looking to refocus, relax and reconnect as a team, Heartknit workshops create memorable moments of togetherness and are accessible to all levels.